16 October 2015

Year 3
This is the first term that Year 3 experience the joys of the CDT room! Armed with red aprons and excited smiles, the boys have been busy making a variety of projects based on a reflective theme. Bright coloured kaleidoscopes found their way home earlier in the term and their beautiful seaside mirrors now hang in the Main Entrance hallway of the school. Taking the mirror idea one step further boys have produced a display of modern paper art, flipping giant shapes along a line of symmetry. As the half term closes the Year 3 boys are producing some spooky woodwork ready for the annual Fireworks display in November.

Year 4
Year 4 boys have enjoyed projects based on electricity in the CDT room this half term. Starting with designing a scene to light up they made an electric circuit and inserted it into their picture. The next project of spinning aliens remained a Year 4 favourite, where the boys extended their electrical knowledge using a fast turning motor. In textiles owls have been sewn using old socks, buttons and rice. A flock of large eyed creatures can be seen flying in the glass display cabinet in the main entrance.

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