27 April 2015    

'Architecture Workshops' are a company who work with children in schools to design and create large 3D structures. They have visited Abingdon Prep every year and work with children in Years 2, 4, and 6.

Year 2 learnt how to use sticks and rubber bands to make strong triangular shapes. Their efforts culminated in a spectacular structure where the boys had built tetrahedrons as individuals or as pairs. These simple modular forms were connected together in small groups to form larger structures, ending with one huge structure of a birdhouse that the whole class could get inside!

In Year 4, the pupils worked in teams to build a bridge using a truss-girder form, each approximately 2m in length. The session required huge amounts of team work, cooperation, maths and imagination as each bridge was discussed and evaluated before the stability test took place! Some were more successful than others but all boys tackled the task with enthusiasm and commitment. The boys are now using their knowledge to design and make models of their own footbridges in the CDT room.

Year 6 boys were asked to design and build a stylised 3D Viking Longboat, using large pieces of dowel and rubber bands. After tetrahedrons, trusses and masts were erected, a giant Viking ship held the two classes who rowed to the beat of a drum. A Viking game at the end threw non-listening oarsmen overboard into the depths of the sports hall sea! Soon to be on display in the main corridor will be individual balsa wood models of some colourful Viking ships which also links with the Year6 history project this term.

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