20 January 2015

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a trip that really was 'out of this world'. We travelled to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium for a day packed full of exploration and questioning.

The morning was spent amongst the 100 exhibits that included lots of pulling, pushing, spinning, balancing even running and jumping. A few of our favourites were the underwater jelly fish, tidal vortex, the heat sensor camera, recycling collections, parachutes, the Olympic challenges of an athlete when sprinting and in wheelchair basketball and the 'brainwave' challenge where Steve and Linda had a couple of competitive rounds!

For quite a few boys, the highlight of the morning was visiting the toy shop and deciding what to spend their £2 on. It was a real practical maths session as boys had to work out the best value for money; I think we will need to further practise this…

After a delicious packed lunch, we went into the planetarium for the Neighbourhood Earth show. We learnt so many things about astronomy. Using a powerful torch Fiona was the sun while Jack rotated the earth around her showing the seasons and how we get day and night. Ask us what a light source is (different from ketchup sauce!). We were amazed when the dome's roof turned into the night sky, spotting planets and stars, we learnt about a few of the stories of constellations, the Plough, Big Bear and Malfoy.

We all agreed this was the best school trip ever and we want to go back a thousand times to find out more and more about our universe, who knows this might have sparked an interest for a future space engineer!

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