12 May 2015

Year 7 visited the Sutton Courtenay Wildlife Education Centre to study wildlife habitats:

“I learnt about habitats in water, forest and meadow. We found caddis fly larvae in the water, worms and spiders in the forest and ants and butterflies in the meadow.”

“We went into the meadow to catch animals. We used fairly large nets and trailed them along the ground while running. Our group’s most interesting catch was a pair of red and green shield bugs. We also caught an enormous caterpillar!”

“In the forest habitat, we found suitable places where animals would hide. We found a variety of slugs and soldier beetles who intimidate their opponents with a bright red shell.”

“I learned a newt could travel a whole kilometre!”

“When we went pond-dipping, I found a Damselfly nymph. They develop their wings under their skin and when they are ready to turn into a Damselfly they shed the skin like a snake on a reed or rush and spread their wings out to dry. They will spend two to five years as a nymph in the pond, and only a fortnight as a Damselfly.”

“What I liked about the trip was when we examined the bugs under a microscope.”

“If I go again I need to make sure that I do not fall into a stinging nettle patch!”

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