10 May 2016

After days of glorious sunshine, the outlook was poor for the annual Y7 trip to the Environmental Education Centre at Sutton Courtenay. However, the boys were unconcerned by the persistent drizzle and heavier rain, joining in all the activities and exploring the site with enthusiasm.

The purpose of the field trip was to learn about different habitats and the adaptations of plants and animals that live in them. We explored three different habitats: wetland, woodland and meadow, collecting minibeasts such as ground beetles and slugs in the woodland and pond-dipping for aquatic creatures including dragonfly nymphs and water boatmen. In the afternoon, everyone was assigned a different creature to research which natural habitat could supply the right combination of food, water, air and shelter. Back inside, this ended in a fun debate in which the wetland creatures appealed to the meadow and woodland ones to see if they could live elsewhere if their habitat was destroyed – not all creatures could survive away from the wetland. Despite the rain, it was a fun day and many thanks to Kerry and Corinne from the centre for leading the activities.

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