17 November 2014

Today Year 6 had a Science Day and Brian from Science Oxford came in. He came to talk and do activities on the physics of forces. His talk varied from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to space and satellites but all was related to forces.

After his show which inspired us all, he went onto our activities for the day. We had to make a protective parachute and shelter for an egg. We were given a few resources including card, paper, a balloon and a large plastic bag. We all set to work at once, eager to make the best shelter. My group turned the bag into a parachute and turned the card into a box and placed the egg in there. We all got ready for our eggs to drop off the top of the fire escape. Ours went first… Yes! It survived without any cracks. A few groups came back with a completely obliterated egg.

Next Brian talked about friction and cars. Later we used K'nex to make our cars and we could make a motor-powered one and an elastic band-powered one. I made a tractor chassis and attached the motor on the back wheels, but it failed to make it up the ramp. So I went back and changed it and tested it again until it made it up the ramp.

Overall the Science Day was a brilliant experience that every enjoyed by all.

William, Year 6

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