12 May 2015

The boys in Year 6 enjoyed a stimulating educational trip to Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire. This cross-curricular trip formed part of their studies into the Roman conquest and settlement of Britain in History, as well as giving them the opportunity to witness Latin in an authentic context.

Each class took part in two evidence handling sessions. The first involved sorting artefacts into groups according to their purpose and material content. The second involved the pupils, and staff, suitably attired as Romano-British slaves, using authentic ingredients to create Roman medicine bags. They were also given a comprehensive and informative tour of the archaeological remains of this important site and learned of the role and importance of archaeologists and historians, both amateur and professional, in assembling and making sense of evidence. During the tour each pupil completed a Latin word search.

For several pupils lunch consisted of some ‘genuine’ Roman delicacies, including an adaptation of roasted vole in one boy’s lunch box. Naoki and William were rewarded for the authenticity of their lunches by choosing a book each for the library. Fortunately none of the pupils had to resort to using the original Roman latrines or their bottom wiping facilities!

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