21 March 2018

Year 5 enjoyed a busy and instructive day visiting the Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums, in Oxford last week.

In support of their learning about the Aztecs in history, each class, 5L and 5S, had a brief lecture, then undertook a guided tour of various artefacts relating to the everyday lives and beliefs of these fascinating people. Artefacts included clothing, amulets and flattened heads! Our guides, Linda and Lizzie, were most informative and the boys behaved well and asked pertinent questions, especially during their self-guided treasure hunt around the ever eclectic Pitt Rivers Museum.

In the other session, in support of their studies on Darwin and evolution in science, the boys took part in a hands-on classroom activity in which they learned more about Darwin and other scientists’ findings in relation to the evolution of life. They got to handle real samples, including various skeletons, bones and parts of animals, including some whole specimens. One highlight was surely the polar bear paw, which they were able to stroke in order to make connections between its fur and that of other creatures. Chris, the guide, was engaging and very knowledgeable. The boys were then able to conduct a self-guided iPad investigation around many of the exhibits in the always impressive Natural History Museum.

Altogether the boys deserve praise for the way they conducted themselves and were thankful to Louise, Suzanne, Stefan and Jo for accompanying them, and for our minibus drivers, Janet, Paul and Steve for getting us there and back so efficiently.

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