22 May 2017

On Wednesday 10 May, Year 5 went to PGL. As we got off the coach we were instantly greeted by our group leader. We were told our daily routine, before she showed us to our dorms – unpacking ‘neatly’ into our cupboards. After unpacking we ate our pack lunches as quickly as we could. We split up into our four groups; I was in Group One, and our first activity was the giant swing!

We met our new supervisor and put helmets and harnesses on. After the ride of our life we chatted about the experience in excitement and fear! The next activity was called ‘Survivor’, where we had the chance to set fire to cotton wool – something quite a number of us got excited about! We built shelters and talked about what we would take onto a desert island, before having dinner and enjoying our evening activity capture the flag.

The next day we woke up and got dressed for the day to come. A big delicious breakfast set us up well for a big day, starting with aero ball! We went canoeing before having a baguette with a choice of fillings for lunch. Half an hour later we had the zip wire. Once again we put on helmets and harnesses, and climbed a massive tower where we had ropes attached to us. Some of us were petrified when we first looked down but instantly realised we would be just fine on the way down! 

Next came some multi sport games followed by a scrumptious dinner of spaghetti  bolognese. Our evening activity was a campfire, listening to stories and singing songs before celebrating Sam’s birthday in the rain. On Friday we had an early morning packing session before breakfast and abseiling, before completing a tough obstacle course! We had a quick lunch and a big game of football with the teachers before getting on the coach and saying our goodbyes. 

All in all it was a great experience and we had a great time. Special thanks to Louise and Stefan as well as Oli and Liam, and we hope the Year 5s have as much fun as we did next year. 

Sam and Will

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