9 July 2021

Year 5 rounded off the year with ‘the big camp out’. Tents were erected amidst great excitement and treasure hunts, mini Olympics and rounders followed. A BBQ and chocolate cake finished off the evening before everyone retired to their tents. Great fun was had by all!

Boys have shared their favourite part of the camp out:


My favourite thing about the camp out was the Olympics, we did lots of activities. First the dreaded water balloon catch. In this someone throws a balloon at you. On my first go a balloon burst on my head. The water cup one, in this you balanced a cup and walked across a bench. There were many more games. This was my favourite because it teaches you how to act under pressure and as a team member. After the Olympics we had a massive water balloon fight. I aimed for Suzanne but missed. It was chaos. A coloured balloon whistled past my ear as others zoomed past on a mission to hit another innocent victim. People ran past screaming with delight or dismay. It was an action packed evening.


My favourite part of the camp out was sitting around the fire and having dinner. Suzanne blew her whistle and we all rushed in. She announced we were going to have dinner with an extra surprise. For dinner there was either a tasty hotdog or a delicious burger with a side of yummy salad. I had a burger. When I sat down there was a dancing fire with glowing embers, we all sat around the burning fire, talking and laughing. Later when we had finished my heart was beating out of my chest for the surprise. It was … CAKE! A huge chocolate cake – I was thrilled. Afterwards, we chatted again. It was the best.


Excitement rushed through my veins as I sprinted down to Josca’s Field to find out who my tent buddies were. I was so nervous and mine were announced after a long time. They were George and Monty. I was so happy. After that we grabbed my tent and started to put it up. It was hard work, our tent was like an army bunker that was being used for war. It was exhausting.


My favourite part of camp: The Treasure hunt. (It was AMAZING). We were randomly put into groups and I was nervous and excited at the same time. Suzanne explained and then we were off! This was going to take a long time me and my group agreed, as we looked at the cryptic clues. We kept wandering around our massic playground, out to Pre-Prep to the forest, into Joscas, on the tarmac and the MUSA. Then we took a look at the clue again and realised if was in the den building area! We asked for some help then sprinted to the different letters. But before we got the word another group got it and I was sad but happy for them. All in all it was the best part of the camp.


I loved the rounders match we played. My team won, but my favourite part was when Tom the Gap Student hit the ball into the air and I caught it. I had the best time ever at the campout and it was an amazing end to Year 5.

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