17 – 18 September 2015

Successfully dodging the torrential rain, all 34 Year 4 boys embarked on our annual trip to the Ridgeway. Enthusiastically departing from West Ilsley, we walked the six windy miles to the Court Hill hostel where we were able to rest weary feet. After selecting beds and unpacking bags we spent a good hour in the woods designing and building dens. This was a great activity to encourage group bonding and cooperation. Dinner was very satisfying and the boys ate heartily and, we are pleased to report, with exceptional manners. After a final play in what can only be described as a stunning location, the boys fell asleep with relative ease. Our second morning began at a comparatively civilised hour – 6am. Following a filling fried breakfast and with rucksacks full of lunch items we set off, homeward bound. Although somewhat slower than the previous day all boys were in good spirits and made little fuss. A solid three hours walk meant that we crested White Horse Hill in plenty of time to pick up returning buses. Lots of cheering and photographs followed – we had made it!

Thank you to the Court Hill Centre who catered for our every need and the boys who were simply fantastic!

Trudi Hibberd and Pip Parry

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