29 September 2017

Drizzly rain and muddy puddles could not dampen the high spirits as Year 4 set off along the Ridgeway. Carrying a change of clothes, pyjamas and a few edible treats, they took on the challenge of a 5 mile hike with smiles and camaraderie. Three hours later, with slightly damp feet and clothes, we reached the Court Hill Centre to be replenished with a hot bowl of spaghetti bolognaise or fish fingers, followed by a delicious apple crumble. As the evening sun appeared the boys enjoyed exploring the woods and playing football on the lawns. Board games, a bedtime story and then off to bed – we had a long walk ahead of us!

The following morning we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine, this made the homeward journey manageable and enjoyable. The views were breathtaking and the boys enjoyed a little bit of history along the way. At about 1pm we reached our destination, White Horse Hill, Uffington. I think that we were all relieved to see our friendly bus drivers waiting to take us home.

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