10 June 2020

As part of their poetry topic in the Summer Term, Year 4 enjoyed writing a range of their own poems in English lessons, including these based around adverbs. Using an adverb of their choice, the boys followed a given structure to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

We hope you enjoy these three:

Luminously, in the evening light, fragile fireflies flitter,
Luminously, in a child’s window, hazy lamps gleam.
Luminously, on the mantelpiece, resplendent candles shimmer,
Luminously, in the sunset, powerful fires beam.

Luminously, in the deep sea, watery jellyfish gleam.
Luminously, in pitch black space, ethereal stars flicker.
Luminously, the lustrous moon lights up the night sky,
Luminously, our radiant sun shines.

By Joe

In the calm of the morning, the countryside comes alive.
Noisily, the old smoky tractor hums across the field,
Noisily, the birds squawk in the rustling tree,
Noisily, an aeroplane roars in the sky,
Noisily, the dog barks in the local farm
Until the farmer’s daughter strokes him
And it works like a charm.

By Joseph

Silently, the autumnal leaves fall softly onto the damp soil underfoot,
Silently, the ghostly figure of an owl soared noiselessly across the open grassland,
Silently, the cat descended precariously down a steep tree,
Silently the young girl wept, longing for her lost parents.

Silently, the virus killed many,
Silently, the snow fell covering the earth in a white blanket,
Silently, the panther slunk through the overgrown plain, slowly advancing on unknowing prey,
Silently, the skeleton stood waiting, waiting for sunrise…

By Rupert


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