23 September 2021

The Ridgeway was at its glorious best – bright, sunny skies with a moderate breeze and radiant clouds lazily rolling by overhead – for the annual Year 4 walk and residential stay. Kirsty, Kyle, Liam and Stefan accompanied the boys on the 5 ½ miles from West llsley to Wantage, where they stayed overnight. The next day they covered another 5 ½ miles, finishing at the trig. point at White Horse Hill, the highest point in Oxfordshire.

Most boys would agree that the highlight was the free time in the woods, where they could build dens, reenact battles, whether mythical, ancient or modern, or hunt for bugs. The sunset was magnificent. All of the food was home cooked and tasty – Liam even managed six fish fingers! Despite the all too familiar chorus from some of ‘Are we nearly there?’, all of the boys managed the distance carrying their own rucksacks, and still had the energy to race up and down the ramparts of Uffington Castle at the end.

The boys really did conduct themselves to the highest standards. It was great to have residential trips back running in the Junior Section and we hope that Year 4 enjoy many more such trips in their future years.

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