14 October 2014

Year 1 have been finding out about pumpkins, we learnt how in a few months they grow from a tiny white seed into a ginormous orange pumpkin, and all the stages in between. To see this for ourselves we took a trip up the road to Millets Farm.

Millets farmer, Darren, showed us a field full of pumpkins all shapes and sizes. We learnt a lot from the farmer who told us that the pumpkin sister was a cucumber, most of a pumpkin is made up of water and it is a fruit because the seeds are inside. We guessed how many pumpkins were being grown in the field, we didn't get close to the total of 8,500! We then had a good look to find the best pumpkin for each House. We searched up and down the fields and had to make a group decision which would be the best one to take back to school.

Then back at school we described the outside of the pumpkin (hard, smooth, bumpy and orange) before cutting it open to look inside, with gasps of 'urgh!' boys got their hands in to pull out all the flesh and seeds. We had lots of describing words for the inside of the pumpkin too (slimy, squishy, stringy and gooey). Next was designing a Halloween spooky face to carve into each House pumpkin and a lucky dip winner will get to take it home for the half-term!

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