24 November 2021

Waddesdon Manor, the Art Department and nine students from Years 7 and 8 have been working in collaboration to create a life sized sculpture of a wooden reindeer as a part of Illuminated River’s, ‘Bridges, Boats and Beyond’ project. We were assigned the painting ‘Swan Upping’ by the wonderful artist Stanley Spencer, which highlights life and tradition on the River Thames. The boys took part in a Zoom meeting with the Head of Learning at Waddesdon where she outlined the brief. The boys flew with ideas and decided that they wanted to create a collage of all their work based on the image we were given. The boys worked with individual paintings, digital manipulation and enlarged studies of key areas of Spencer’s image.

The end result was a triumph and the learning team was thrilled with their level of creativity and professional finish. The reindeer is now being exhibited in the woodland of Alice’s walk, as part of the Illuminated lights trail. Please let us know with a photo if you visit Waddesdon, and see the majestic ‘Stanley’ the reindeer. Congratulations to those who took part!

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