28 November 2022

Taking advantage of our new dedicated music school, our music department launched ‘World Music Day’ on Friday. A series of workshops, each World Music Day focuses on the music of one particular region of the globe, enabling students to explore, focus and learn more about the rich cultural variety of music from around the world. This week, pupils focused on Africa with visiting speaker, Andy Warn of Sound Roadshows (an expert in the music from different cultures around the world) leading the pupils in an exciting and engaging workshop that culminated in a whole group performance of a traditional African piece of music. The pupils had fun learning about the different Djembes, African Xylophones and a variety of other African percussion instruments throughout the session, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make a great deal of (very musical!) noise together from a tradition that stretches back to as far as history allows. There is nothing more exciting than a group of pupils being unified by creating a piece of music together. We are looking forward to welcoming Andy back to help us focus on the music of China next.

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