5 February 2021

Today we took the opportunity to help evaluate the latest innovative scheme to get mobile Covid-19 testing and vaccination centres out into the community. The ‘testing bus’ prototype arrived at Abingdon Prep for a trial run, offering lateral flow tests to the staff teaching the children of key workers.

The idea is that any standard city bus or Sprinter van can be converted to a mobile Covid-19 testing or vaccination centre in a matter of days. It can then be dispatched to areas in the community that are either difficult to reach or require a rapid response.

The company behind this latest step in combating Covid-19 is Project MOVE, based at Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire. It provides the UK’s only rapidly-deployable, mobile clinical bay platform designed to be quickly installed into public buses. The multi-use bays provide ample space for doctors and nurses to deliver a variety of clinical services directly into the community. Once the mobile testing centres are no longer needed the bays can be removed and the bus returned to normal service.

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