16 March 2023

This week, Year 8 went into London to the Globe Theatre to see a special production of The Tempest, which they have been studying this term. We walked over the Millennium Bridge to approach the theatre and ate our tea on the steps outside while appreciating the views back across the river of St Paul’s Cathedral and the skyscrapers of the city. Then into our seats for the show which was very lively and colourful indeed, cut down from the full Shakespeare text to a 90-minute version retaining all the key parts and themes for the mainly teenage audience. We were encouraged to whoop and cheer and the audience certainly did when Ferdinand and Miranda declared their love, guffawed at the drunken antics of Trinculo and Stefano, and gasped when the spirit Ariel flew down on wires from inside the roof. It was a great experience for Year 8 to see this fantastic play in such a wonderful venue.

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