18 January 2022

Year 4 visited Ufton Court to experience a Tudor day. We started the day by examining real Tudor artefacts, which we played ‘call my bluff’ with; the two class favourites were a mouth harp and an arrow head designed to shoot fire arrows. Afterwards we experienced life in a Tudor court room, this was an immersive experience and a real highlight for the class!

All the boys dressed their part and took on a role (whether it be judge, clerk, jury, witness, criminal or the accuser) and many improvised additional parts and huge plot twists that even had the Ufton Court staff in awe! The session led to an important evaluation of Tudor punishments and how they differ to our current justice system. After a hearty Tudor packed lunch (think chicken drumsticks, chunks of cheese and bread) we headed for an exploration of the grounds, where we learned about a hooded figure (Father Gerard) and how he had been visiting the grounds in secret – we even discovered his secret passage way and ‘priest hole’ in the attic! Finally, we had time to try out some Tudor games which were a real hit with the boys, especially skipping and ‘cub’. The boys had a fantastic day and it will certainly go down as a trip to remember for 4K.

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