25 January 2023

Last week, five upper sixth Peer Support Lead Mentors (PSLs) from Abingdon School visited Abingdon Prep to lead a Transition to Senior School Workshop. This is the first of three workshop events which are being held over the course of this term. The workshops are a fantastic opportunity for our Year 8 students to ask some burning questions about life at Abingdon School.

In this first session, the PSLs used their mentoring skills to ensure that everyone felt relaxed in order for conversation to flow naturally. Questions from Year 8 included ‘how good is
the food?’ and ‘how much homework is set?’ to the variety of sports on offer.

Our Year 8 pupils benefited greatly from hearing how things work from the student’s perspective. Likewise, the PSLs loved the enthusiasm of our Year 8 pupils, as well as being able to return to their alma mater and being able to see some of their former teachers.

The workshop will be repeated to cover the whole year group in coming weeks.

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