The 2018 Christmas Bazaar

30 November 2018

The 2018 Christmas Bazaar will go down in memory as something of a vintage.

The new stalls (brilliantly designed and made by Paul Wentworth) gave the hall a professional appearance and proved massively popular with boys and indeed parents. The general ambience was frenetic (just as it should be) but far less noisy than previous years!

The library was transformed into a smoothie parlour, a book shop, a garden centre and a TV studio by Alison Thomas and the Year 7 boys. These were the business ideas that the groups had pitched for in a proper interview process for the Tycoon Enterprise Competition, similar to Dragon’s Den. I am delighted to write that they were all a huge success and turned a healthy profit! (See more on these activities below.)

My thanks, as always, go to the JPA, parents, staff and especially the boys for making this such a unique event.

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Year 7 Dragon's Den stalls had a very successful day. The boys worked hard to make their stalls look appealing, particularly the pots of bulbs in the courtyard, which looked fabulous on the steps and shelves.

The smoothie stand, Iced Delights, did exceptionally well: it was manned by two very helpful mums for the whole two hours and the boys ran out of their 200 cups!

Billy's Bones stall looked fantastic with a huge poster of their logo, kindly provided by a parent, and they sold out of their beautifully packaged dog biscuits.

The Green Screen stall was kept busy, especially when parents and children started to realise the potential of what could be achieved - they created some fabulous images!

Books 4 U continued to sell their books, although we think people might have not realised they were for sale and were just part of the library - maybe the foyer is the best place for book sales, as the group had made nearly £200 before the Bazaar, which is amazing.

A group of boys decided to make soaps which were beautifully produced and sold very well.

Further details of the Prep School's Tycoon Enterprise projects.

Pre-Prep had a fabulous time. Father Christmas was so busy that he hardly had enough presents, but luckily there were just enough. Face painting was very popular with lots of snowmen and Santa look-a-likes and we even had a family of three generations of reindeer!