In May 2016 the Abingdon Foundation announced that the Prep and Senior Schools were now so closely aligned that the process whereby boys transfer from the Prep to the Senior School could be streamlined. This change reflected the excellent continuous education offered across the Foundation. 

The change to the transfer process means that pupils, for whom Abingdon School is appropriate, receive an offer of a place for Year 9 at Abingdon School at the end of Year 5 at Abingdon Prep. For these pupils there is no pre-test and the offer is not dependent on performance at Common Entrance, hence an end to the double testing that was previously in place and that is still a requirement for boys from other prep schools. The offer is  based on the continuous assessment of each pupil and is conditional on the pupil maintaining his profile of achievement in Years 6 to 8 at Abingdon Prep.

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