5 February 2016

During this evening, the boys in the Junior Section entertained their parents and the wider school community, with 'Greece, The Musical.' In true, Grecian style, they were excellent 'pillars' for acting within school, never resting on their laurels, ensuring they gave an outstanding performance which was enjoyed by all.

The Greek comedy/tragedy saw Zeus thunder with anger at his broken boiler, when the mischievous Prometheus, stole fire, in the guise of the boiler ignition flame. Determined to get it back, Zeus sent Hermes, with a message to the Mortals, seeking information as to the culprit of the devious crime. Having been found guilty, to Prometheus' horror, he was sentenced to have his liver pecked out on a daily basis by a huge vulture. Unable to witness the torture of their friend, the Mortals paid Heracles to kill the vulture and save Prometheus. Unknown to Zeus, Heracles had been in his presence before, as the boiler engineer. The play culminated in celebrations for both the gods on Mount Olympus and for the mortals on Earth.

The boys' were amazing, fired with skill and enthusiasm, their performances shone brighter than Zeus's flames and their teamwork and diligence, ensured the performance was as golden as Midas' touch.

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