30 April 2015

The new topic for Pre-prep began with a WOW with a visit from The Bug Man, Martin Rapley. He brought along a number of wriggling, squirming guests for the boys to meet and touch. We learnt about habitats, camouflage, food and classification as Martin carefully introduced each of the creatures. There were gasps of amazement as cockroaches hissed and scuttled, giant millipedes marched and the scorpion arched his tail ready for attack! I don't think any of us realised how many different stick insects there might be in the bug world, but we had the chance to meet four different characters who clung tightly to our jumpers. Meanwhile, the Chilean Rose Tarantula waited patiently for us to stroke her. Afterwards it was the turn of some brave parents to take up the challenge of holding bugs as big as their hands…were you brave enough? An amazing experience for all of us!

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