23 January 2018

Abingdon Prep entered the first Abingdon School Cross Country Competition with an Under 13 A and B squad consisting of six runners per team from both Years 7 and 8. The teams naturally arrived with plenty of time to spare (bearing in mind the event took place on Josca’s and Cox’s Field) and took the opportunity to walk the course. Shortly followed by a gentle jog around part of the course. A team warm-up consisting of extended sprints to open up the lungs and kick start aerobic systems and Abingdon Prep were ready and raring to participate in the competition.

The boys lined up for a 2.8km race which consisted of a 2.5 lap course. The race started at a fast pace, but all of the Abingdon team members held good positions towards the front of the race from the ‘gun’. All of the Abingdon Prep runners which included; William, Quinn, Johnny and Freddie were in the leading group from start to finish. Quinn (2nd) was narrowly beaten on the line and was closely followed by William (3rd). Johnny (5th) and Freddie (8th) completed the quartet of runners and secured 1st place in the team competition.

Other notable performances were from Jacob (12th) and Monty (14th). The rest of our runners all performed brilliantly and can be very proud of the achievements. Still lots of hard work ahead though before the IAPS National Cross Country Championships in Malvern!

Under 13 As

Quinn: 2nd
William: 3rd
Johnny: 5th
Freddie: 8th
Ludo: 21st

Under 13 Bs

Monty: 14th
Christopher: 29th
Samson: 30th
Pedro: 31st
Zach: 39th

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