14 March 2017

Malvern College hosted the 25th annual National Preparatory Schools’ Cross-Country Championships on Sunday 12 March in which over 1,000 pupils from more than 80 schools competed, in what were perfect cross country conditions. The Under 11 and Under 13 boys’ races took place across the Malvern College campus and the Wells Common. The races yielded the following results. 

​Boys Under 11​

In a field of 343 runners Quinn came 6th in a time of 10:16. Two seconds quicker than the winning time of last year. Quinn was closely followed by a fast finishing and determined Joseph who finished in 7th place. The top four scoring runners all finished in the top seventy five runners to secure the IAPS Nation Under 11 team competition!

Boys Under 13

The Under 13s also acquitted themselves extremely well. In a field of 220 runners, all of our runners finished in the top half of the race. Rowan finished in 7th place and only just out of the medals while William, the Under 11s national champion from last year’s race finished a very creditable 16th while still only a Year 7. With all of the runners performing beyond expectation, they finished 3rd in the team competition out of 38 schools.

Well done to all of the competitors who enjoyed a great experience. Next year, we look forward to defending the Under 11 title and hope to go one better by winning​ both the Under 11 and Under 13 titles – something not so far achieved by any school.

Boys Under 11 – Individual Results

Name Position
Quinn 6th
Joseph 7th
Freddie 59th
Jacob 64th
Monty 71st
Samson 107th

Boys Under 11 – Team Results

School Position
Abingdon Prep 1st
Yardley Court 2nd
Monkton Prep 3rd

Boys Under 13 – Individual Results 

Name Position
Rowan 7th
William 16th
Thomas 59th
Johnny 83rd
Oscar 90th
Dominic 98th

Boys Under 13 – Team Results

School Position
Yardley Court 1st
Sedbergh Prep 2nd
Abingdon Prep 3rd

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