What better way to round off a short but busy term than with two Spring music concerts. The middle section performance featured a variety of singing, class recorders and solo pieces and the children clearly enjoyed the opportunity to share their hard work with real enthusiasm. The Senior concert was an eclectic mix of ensembles and soloists, showing a wide variety of musical talents, and a highlight was definitely the Year 7 and 8 choir’s performance of the hit ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, complete with evocative rainforest soundscape and actions.

We held three Concert Platform’s this term, and as always these were well attended events by both students and families supporting. It’s wonderful to see how keen the students are to make the most of these lower key performance opportunities.

As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Abingdon Foundation, 30 pupils sang as part of a Service of Thanksgiving in Abingdon School Chapel. They performed their own solo anthem in this most wonderful of settings, and also combined with the Abingdon Chapel Choir to sing a 90 strong arrangement of the ‘Irish Blessing’ by Bob Chilcott. To see the awe the APS children had at this event was very special and all who attended were completely inspired by the talent of the older students.

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