12 March 2021

The boys were greeted by a cheerful newcomer on their first morning back to school on Monday, the esteemed Frida Flamingo Kahlo!

During the final week of remote Art lessons the boys were tasked with creating a ‘bird of positivity’. They attached to it a happy and supportive message that may cheer anyone that reads it upon their return to school. Well, yet again the Abingdon Prep community rose to the challenge and a flock of birds fluttered in through the doors this week, from clay blue tits, paper robins, cardboard kingfishers, salt dough doves, a wire falcon and even a milk bottle toucan!

The thoughtful messages include, “Never give up” “We can conquer anything when we work together” “If you want to change the world, smile” and finally “to be happy, be happy with who you are.”

With such thoughtful messages from our positive boys this term is sure to be a happy one. Well done everyone, and to the staff for their contributions.

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