30 April 2015

The gala was split into two events, Year 5 & 6 (Intermediate) and Year 7 & 8 (Senior).

In Year 5, the outstanding performer was Johnny for Phoenix with two wins and a school record in the 25m Breaststroke (24.64sec.). But there were also fine performances from Alex, Harrison, William and Dylan. While in Years 6, Matthew (50m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke) and Thomas (25m Backstroke and 25m Breaststroke) showed their class by both winning two individual races. Other outstanding performance came from Joe (25m Freestyle), Noah, David and Charlie. Griffin was the stand out team winning both the U11 Medley and Freestyle Relays.

The final results (Year 5 & 6): 1st – Phoenix, 2nd – Unicorn, 3rd – Griffin, 4th – Dragon

In Year 7, the outstanding performer was Nicholas who won two individual events and broke school records in both the 25m Backstroke (17.01sec.) and 50m Freestyle (32.50sec.) as well as anchoring his house (Griffin) to 1st place in both the Medley and Freestyle Relays. In Year 8, team captain Oran won four individual events and broke a school record in the 25m Backstroke (16.90sec.) as well as anchoring Griffin to wins in both Medley and Freestyle Relays.

The final results (Year 7 & 8): 1st – Griffin, 2nd – Phoenix, 3rd – Unicorn, 4th – Dragon

Senior Swimming Gala Results 2015

U10 Medley Relay, Winner: Unicorn, Time: 1:29.47, SR, School Record: 1:36
U11 Medley Relay, Winner: Phoenix Time: 01:26.0, School Record: 1:19
U12 Medley Relay, Winner: Griffin Time: 1:22.48, SR School Record: 1:24
U13 Medley Relay, Winner: Griffin Time: 01:22.4, School Record: 1:16
U10 Backstroke, Winner: Johnny Time: 20.38, School Record: 20.34
U10B Backstroke, Winner: Alex Time: 23.71
U11 Backstroke, Winner: Thomas, Time: 21.68, School Record: 20.03
U11B Backstroke, Winner: David Time: 22
U12 Backstroke, Winner: Nicholas Time: 17.01 SR, School Record: 18.69
U12B Backstroke, Winner: Cameron Time: 24.34
U13 Backstroke, Winner: Oran Time: 16.90 SR, School Record: 18.17
U13B Backstroke, Winner: Joseph Time: 22.4
U10 Breaststroke, Winner: Johnny Time: 24.64 SR, School Record: 25.19
U10B Breaststroke, Winner: Alex Time: 25.42
U11 Breaststroke, Winner: Thomas Time: 25.57, School Record: 20
U11B Breaststroke, Winner: Tor, Time: 25.3
Intermediate Half-Way Point Score
U12 Breaststroke, Winner: Ollie, Time: 23.89, School Record 21.34
U12B Breaststroke, Winner: James, Time: 25.97, School Record
U13 Breaststroke, Winner: David, Time: 24.51, School Record 17.87
U13B Breaststroke, Winner: Archie, Time: 25.56, School Record
U12 Butterfly, School Record 18
Open Butterfly, Winner: Oran, Time: 15.14 School Record 13.22
Senior Half-Way Point Score
U10 Freestyle, Winner: Harrison, Time: 18.79, School Record 17.23
U10B Freestyle, Winner: Christopher, Time: 18.62, School Record
U11 Freestyle, Winner: Joe, Time: 18.29, School Record 16.76
U11B Freestyle, Winner: Noah, Time: 18.31, School Record
U12 Freestyle, Winner: Ollie, Time: 15.93, School Record 14.69
U12B Freestyle, Winner: Cameron, Time: 19.06, School Record
U13 Freestyle, Winner: Gus, Time: 16.98, School Record 14.29
U13B Freestyle, Winner: Harry, Time: 18, School Record
U11 2L Freestyle, Winner: Matthew, Time: 38.57, School Record 35.66
U12 2L Freestyle, Winner: Nicholas, Time: 32.50 SR, School Record 34.43
U13 2L Freestyle, Winner: Oran, Time: 32.04, School Record 31.02
U11 2L Breaststroke, Winner: Matthew, Time: 51.51, School Record 45.02
U12 2L Breaststroke, Winner: Thomas, Time: 52.9, School Record 42.1
U13 2L Breaststroke, Winner: Oran, Time: 47.37, School Record 40.07
U10 Freestyle Relay, Winner: Unicorn, Time: 1:20.64 SR, School Record 1:26
U11 Freestyle Relay, Winner: Phoenix, Time: 12:01:21 AM, School Record 1:16
U12 Freestyle Relay, Winner: Griffin, Time: 1:12.94 SR, School Record 01:15.6
U13 Freestyle Relay, Winner: Griffin, Time: 12:01:15 AM, School Record 1:05

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