14 March 2019

Schools all over the UK are celebrating Science Week, an annual event with STEM activities promoted by the British Science Association (BSA). 

We've been busy at Abingdon Prep!

  • We got off to a gooey start, when Reception visited the science lab to make green slime with help from some Year 8 boys. It was such fun and their first time in the laboratory!
  • Next, Roger from Science Oxford led workshops on changing materials for Year 7 who looked at transforming states of a range of materials.
  • Then, it was Year 8's own turn for the Science Oxford show on sound including some super demonstrations.
  • Year 4 discovered the journey of a sneeze and how to prevent germs.
  • While Year 5 investigated how the plastic microfibres from fleece can get into the oceans by washing some fleece and filtering the water to collect the fibres.
  • Year 3 had fun making pipe-cleaner neurons and learnt more about the brain, also getting the chance to look at pollution: comparing water samples from different environments.
  • The Year 8s were back to help Year 1 investigate a variety of ways to make paper fly – gliders, helicopters and of course, paper planes.
  • Andy from Science Oxford came to give a fun Forces show to the Year 6s, which needed quite a few volunteers to test Newton's laws and do some bridge building.
  • Year 2 explored electrostatics, helped by Year 8 once again to get a good charge on their balloons to see if they could make tissue lizards fly.
  • Science teachers Rebecca and Helen gave a fun assembly which looked at some of the things we've been doing, and how Science really is all around us.

Alongside all these activities, which all years have participated in, we have also hatched a clutch of duck eggs – our youngest visitors to the school are enchanting everyone. 

Finally, boys' entries are arriving in for the BSA poster competition – don't forget the closing date is March 22.

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