7 February 2019

In our two science clubs this week, we carried out some awesome activities that the boys loved doing.

In Eureka! for Year 5 and Year 6, we recycled polystyrene foam cups by dissolving them in acetone to release the air. You end up with a spoonful of plastic slime which once washed can be shaped and left to harden. The boys were amazed to see the dissolving cups and all made keyring charms to decorate next week.

In Up and Atom! for Year 3 and Year 4, we made rainbows in a test tube. We used different densities of coloured sugar solution, adding the most syrup-like to the tube first, and then layering the others carefully on top, the top red layer had no sugar in it at all. The boys enjoyed practising their pipette skills running the solutions down the walls of the tubes to make their colourful rainbows.

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