3 October 2017

We are pleased to announce the enrolment of Abingdon Prep School in a new digital noticeboard and market place for parents: School Notices. This allows parents at Abingdon Prep to communicate, advertise and trade between themselves and parents at other independent schools, whilst also benefiting some of our school causes through the sharing of advertising income. 

School Notices is free for all to browse and post notices whilst providing a place for local and parent owned businesses to advertise. We are pleased to enrol in this new platform, joining many other independent schools who have also joined recently. As more and more schools enrol, it broadens the reach for those posting notices and the site has also become a good place to promote the many sales and charity events being run by parents.

The School Notices website is accessible to all parents at www.schoolnotices.co.uk and please follow this link to register. 

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