5 November 2018

It was a week of mixed fortunes last week in terms of results on the rugby field. 

On Wednesday our middle and senior sections played a block fixture versus Oratory Preparatory School. 

The U13 A and B teams played really well against two very physically strong OPS teams. The U12 As won a very close game by 20-15 and are beginning to take on the shared responsibility of a team. While the U11 and U10 teams were all involved in very close matches.

It is great to see that all the boys are embracing the new coaching development style with boys rotating positions to develop and challenge their skill-set.

On Thursday our U9s played St Hugh's. The As narrowly lost their unbeaten run with a defeat by 20-25. While our Bs drew and our Cs won. The U9s are a very exciting year group showing a great desire and passion for the game.

On Friday our senior section played Shiplake College. All four fixtures (U13 As and Cs and U12 As and Cs) resulted in wins. The style of the rugby played within these two year groups has been particularly impressive.

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