4 December 2015

Following a wonderful performance by the boys in Pre-Prep of the Christmas story, which focused on the Innkeeper and his busy night, we set off to Roves Farm to find out about the story from the Donkey's point of view. It was a bright and blustery day, with excitement running high as the adults became the audience for the story in a real stable, with very authentic costumes and, of course, live animals. What a wonderful tale told by a host of animals, with the boys dressed as shepherds, wise men and angels, offering gifts and beautiful, angelic dances.

We also had a chance to meet the elves that help prepare for the festivities and, of course, a visit to Father Christmas in his sleigh with promises of being very, very good being exchanged for wishes and requests for the latest toys and games. There were opportunities for Christmas crafts, a visit to pets corner, time with an assortment of animals, a huge adventure playground, an exciting picnic and even a tractor ride around the farm. What a smashing day!

We would all like to say a big thank you to the JPA for supporting us with this event.

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