5 October 2022

The Pre-Prep pupils have been making the most of our new STEM lab! Year 2 investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies and we’ve been learning about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. They used a food pyramid to identify the five food groups and had fun exploring the ways that these different food groups help our bodies work. For example the children learned that proteins can help our bodies to grow and heal; represented by building blocks and bandages.

Year 1 continued their work on the body by using their five senses. The children heard (and danced to) a variety of music genres from Debussy to Deep Purple! Wearing blindfolds helped them to explore and describe different foods, ingredients and household products using their sense of taste, smell or touch. They also enjoyed playing I-Spy using their sense of sight. We’ve also been learning about the parts of the body by labelling our classmates!

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