9 October 2017

Harvest is an important time for Pre-Prep. It marks the transition from summer to autumn and is such a wonderful celebration of the world around us. We celebrated with a traditional Harvest Festival, bringing gifts to the harvest table. These generous donations were gratefully received by Anne Parker our Charities Coordinator, who explained how they would be donated to a local charity, The Gatehouse, which provides meals for the homeless in Oxford. We were also joined by Rob Finch, the Youth Worker from the Marcham Parish who shared the importance of giving and kindness and how important they were – food for thought!

The children sang and shared an array of songs and poems, from Reception dressed in flippy-floppy hats just like the scarecrows in their song, to the lively verses about conkers and the ever popular big red combine harvester. Year 1 built a poem around their artwork and Year 2 performed a very creative piece of music that they had composed themselves to conjure up the sounds of autumn.

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