30 January 2018

A cross generation event of fun and games took place last Friday. Not track and field, nor football, rugby or hockey; the hall was filled with a hub-bub of all the boys from Pre-Prep and their grandparents spending time together playing with toys and games from a previous era. There was Jenga, pick up sticks, knuckles, bagatelle, spinning tops, skittles, jigsaws, dominoes, snakes and ladders…and much more. There wasn’t a screen in sight!

Many new skills were developed; the tallest Jenga tower ever witnessed before toppling was built by a few Year 2 boys. It brought the hall to a standstill as we watched in trepidation! It was warming to see how intently all the boys listened to their elders explaining how to play and giving advice on techniques and strategies.

Light refreshments flowed as many of our visitors had a break and took time to chat with their grandsons and each other.

The Pre-Prep section was very pleased with the turn out and would like to extend our thanks to all those grandparents who visited and joined in the fun. We hope you agree that it was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all. Same time again next year?

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