7 December 2022

What a talented and hard-working group of young people our pupils are! In our Platform Concerts throughout this term, Prep pupils have the opportunity to perform as musicians in front of their peers and parents in a safe, inviting and informal environment. These concerts are open to all musicians in the school, whether they have instrumental lessons in school or not. They bring together pupils of different ages (and stages) in their musical development to inspire and entrance one another with their musical passions. On 2 December, we had the third and final Platform Concert of the term with a record 17 children performing, all of whom signed up of their own volition, with representatives from classes across the whole Prep School. Along with three violinists, we had an array of pianists, singers, and other instrumentalists. Particular highlights include a solo rendition of “Jana Gana Mana,” the National Anthem of India, sung by Adhiraj, followed by a Stormzy Rap, sung by Toju. A diverse selection of music indeed! We are looking forward, with great anticipation, to the four concerts planned for the Spring Term in the New Year.

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