12 November 2019

Year 5 was thrilled to receive a visit from two very sage owls this week as part of their Art project ‘Animals in Art’. The keeper gave us an extraordinary amount of facts regarding the owls and an insight into the birds’ characters, their likes and dislikes.

‘Twoo’ the tawny owl and ‘Megatron’ the southern white faced owl – so called for its ability to change its body shape when faced with danger – sat beautifully and were so relaxed they actually went to sleep.

The boys made some beautifully accurate drawings of the owls, paying close attention to the textures and facial details, in preparation for their sculptures to be made in the following weeks.

Paddy and Zayaan also had their photograph taken with Twoo as they received the artwork of the week award for their delicate chalk owl drawings. The keeper was very impressed with their work and the quality of the thoughtful questions asked by all of the boys.

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