21 – 26 June 2015

The usual excitement prevailed as this year's Year 8 boys set sail for a week in Normandy. After the first afternoon of hard rain the weather cleared up and turned sunny and warm. Our first trip was to M. Martin's goat farm where goats were fed, brushed and aaahd over! Harry was this year's champion goat milker and returned home bearing his certificate. As usual requests were made to smuggle some kids home – requests sadly denied! Berets were a popular acquisition at Mont St Michel along with combs that looked like flick knives. I doubt the boys have ever combed their hair so much! Wednesday saw us at the theme park Festyland – always my favourite! I don't know how the boys can go on those ferocious-looking rides.We enjoyed the 360 degree film in Arromanches and a talk on the D-Day landings. Our last day was spent in Bayeux; firstly with a look round the beautiful cathedral, then at the Tapestry and finally a walk round the Allied War Cemetery. I was proud of the boys' quiet and respectful demeanour here. Lastly, before the return journey to England, we had a run around the bunkers and craters in Pointe du Hoc. All in all, a successful trip with a great bunch of boys.


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