4 May 2023

What a fantastic week our Year 7s had on their residential trip to Normandy.

After a day of travelling, and taking in the beautiful French landscape, they arrived at magnificent Château du Baffy, where they would be staying. Situated in the traditional Normandy hamlet of Colombiers-sur-Seulles, between Bayeux and Caen, this proved an ideal location to take in all the attractions the area had to offer.

After settling in, and enjoying a delicious French supper, the pupils were up early the next day to visit a caramel factory, where they were able to sample some delicious sweet treats; a bakery where they tried their hands at making their own bread; and a distillery, where they learned about the process of making cider and were able to try some fresh apple juice. Day 3 brought a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont-Saint-Michel, where the pupils were able to observe a Mass taking place, as well as being awe-struck by the amazing views from the abbey. There was light relief in the afternoon when the children visited a local water park and had a whale of a time! On the final day of their visit, our Year 7s added to their knowledge of World War II by visiting the D-Day landing site and an American cemetery. They also had the opportunity to step back to the 11th century and the engrossing story of the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy by visiting the 70 metre long Bayeux Tapestry. Everyone – staff and pupils alike – had a really fantastic trip.

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