2 July 2019

Despite a very early start on Monday morning, our Year 8s headed off to Normandy full of excitement and eager to find out what was in store.

First stop a gentle (if a little smelly) goat farm which proved very interesting and caused much merriment when one pupil stood a little too close to the farmer when he was milking his favourite goat.

The idea of the trip was for the boys to have a rest after their AP+ exams, have some fun, visit some famous places (Mont St Michel, Pegasus bridge, the Bayeux Tapestry) and to learn the history of the Normandy landings, but also to experience parts of France which are slightly off the beaten track.

Food plays an important part of any trip and such was the hunger of teenage boys that all plates were left clean every evening, ready for another session of beach football until the sun said bonne nuit, the boys went to bed and we started all over early the next morning.

To this end, they saw a pair of albino alligators, of which only 40 are left in the world, a tour of a decommissioned French nuclear submarine complete with torpedoes and the original bomb casings, and a theme park like never before – mainly due to the sheer terror of the rides – Alton Towers has some way to go.

A busy and action packed trip which I am sure will be remembered for many years to come. Merci Normandie, merci la France!

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