12 November 2021

Headmasters, Craig Williams and Mike Windsor, enjoyed a progress visit to the new Prep School facilities. The building is taking shape and we can begin to see what an impressive addition it will be to the school site.

Craig and Mike were joined by Roy Parker, the Site Manager, who explained that the next step was for the external walls to go up followed by the roof. Roy was optimistic that, given a fair wind and supply chain permitting, they are on target for the boys to be enjoying the new music school, a second science lab, purpose-built spaces for CDT and four additional classrooms for Years 5 and 6 in autumn 2022.

In addition, the new building will enable the School to transform existing spaces including a major change to the library which will more than double in size and be completely refurbished. Pre-Prep will benefit from a new multi-use hall and Computing, Drama and Learning Support will all have much improved learning facilities. Very exciting times!

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