16 March 2022

Year 7 were visited by neuroscientist Professor Claire Mackay who gave a workshop which looked at the different roles scientists play and how they must all communicate to be successful. Using neuroscience, Formula 1 and the Olympics as models, Year 7 split into different teams: code-breakers, designers, chemists, neuroscientists and project managers. They were tasked with solving problems in their specific areas and coordinating to reach a group solution to the problem.

Year 6 had a hugely fun and informative Forces Show by Andy from Science Oxford. There was no shortage of questions or volunteers to join in the demonstrations from the lively audience. Andy began with gravity and Newton’s three laws of motion, moving onto friction which involved pulling someone along the floor on their bottom, then sitting on a tray, then a skateboard while attached to a giant Newton meter. Air resistance, upthrust, pressure and magnetism – from maglevs to building bridges to how strong eggs are in one direction, this show was a force to be reckoned with!

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