7 December 2020

On Friday David Johnston MP for Wantage, and his constituency assistant Louise Brown, visited the Prep School to attend a Partnerships meeting.

David’s natural interest in education led him to want to gather information as to how the Partnership programme at both Abingdon School and the Prep have been set up and the number of local schools involved. Head of Partnerships at Abingdon, Rob Southwell-Sander delivered a resume of the many local community developments and activities which have taken place over the past few years.

Jeremy Thomas discussed the Abingdon Science Partnership and highlighted the long term value for pupils from all Abingdon town partnership schools.

The Prep School is also linking with local primary schools under the coordination of Katie Smith. Abingdon Prep is one of the first prep schools to develop a two way educational link, not only to share resources and facilities but to learn from each other to enrich the education of young pupils.

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