12 February 2021

With the sun breaking through the clouds mid-morning there was a touch of spring in the air. With Ashley having set a target of 750km – Team Abingdon Prep moved into action “early doors!” An enthusiastic group of children submitted their morning contributions, alongside a note that this was only the start, more would follow! My goodness did the TEAM honour their word. By late afternoon the PE/Games department’s inbox was bursting with evidence – comments, photos and videos galore! During the evening shift they kept coming in and by Thursday registration time the last batches were received and official counting started. As we always emphasise in all our PE/Games sessions, playing sport involves; integrity, honour and dignity before you even start to sweat.

Well done to everyone who got involved. Awesome stuff! We loved receiving the stats and replying to you all. Three Cheers!

Seize the moment! – take ownership of your physical and mental well-being – Get out in the fresh air – Enjoy it! – We are designed to keep moving.

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