6 March 2015

Once again the Inter-House Cross Country Championships brought together all the spirit of Abingdon Prep as a school. Staff lined up to run with the children, encourage as marshals and congratulate at the finish. DJ Armstrong pumped out the rhythm for the Pre-Prep lifting a few runners, just when they may have felt a little jaded. The photographs have captured the event brilliantly as everyone, regardless of ability, tried their best in pursuit of a chocolate biscuit at the end and of course the satisfaction of completing the course without being swept up by the staff ‘broom wagon’.

The races were hotly contested in each of the age groups and a long standing school record was ‘smashed’ by Henry in the Under 13 race by a staggering 49 seconds!

The overall results were as follows:

Under 7
1st Jack
2nd Josca
3rd Luke

Under 9
1st Jacob
2nd Freddie
3rd Quinn

Under 11
1st William
2nd Johnny
3rd Dominic

Under 13
1st Henry (School Record: 10:52)
2nd Harry
3rd Joseph


1st Dragon (Capt. Ned)
2nd Griffin
3rd Phoenix
4th Unicorn

Year 3 & 4
1st Dragon (Capt. Jacob)
2nd Unicorn
3rd Phoenix
4th Griffin

Year 5 & 6
1st Dragon (Capt. Xander)
2nd Phoenix
3rd Griffin
4th Unicorn

Year 7 & 8
1st Griffin (Capt. Henry)
2nd Phoenix
3rd Dragon
4th Unicorn

1st Dragon (Dominic)
2nd Griffin
3rd Phoenix
4th Unicorn

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