24 February 2020

The Junior Section production of Hoodwinked transported an appreciative audience to Sherwood Forest where the Sheriff of Nottingham, assisted by his slightly dopey deputy, had the audience boo-ing his audacious plans to capture the heroic Robin Hood and separate him from the beautiful Maid Marian. There were some outstanding individual performances and all the boys can be very proud of their efforts, the hard work really did pay off.

The script was complemented by a toe-tapping score and impressive solos were accompanied by tuneful ensemble pieces that were performed with enthusiasm. Bright and colourful costumes and realistic props added an extra dimension to the show.

As with all good stories, the hero won the day while the baddie got his just desserts. However, it’s possible that Maid Marian and her ladies stole the show! To steal a line from the play, three cheers for Robin Hood!

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