4 July 2019

After winning the 'Head for the Day' raffle prize at the Christmas Bazaar, Philip (Year 5) took up the reins this Monday and quickly appointed his brother, Alex (Year 2), as his deputy. They both welcomed the boys and parents into school very formally and even picked up on a few untucked shirts!

Philip gave a terrific assembly on his team Greece, and their 2004 European Championships victory and related it brilliantly to not giving up on a dream. He then announced it was short sleeve order and that lunch break had been extended for the day.

Philip and I then toured the school to see what the boys were learning in their lessons. Philip questioned a few boys very well on their understanding in Maths.

Lunch saw Philip's choice of iced chocolate donuts being a very popular option and Philip and Alex then went out on duty too, getting the boys quiet when lining up and dismissing them back to class.

It was a great day and both boys have bright futures in education ahead of them should they wish to follow that path! 

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